mnefun.convert_ANTS_surrogate(subject, trans, subjects_dir)

Convert an old ANTS surrogate to a modern one.


The subject name.


The path to the subject’s MRI<->head transformation.


The subjects dir that contains the old subject MRI.


The “old” templates are the ones created by Eric Larson around 2019 and only include volumetric source spaces. The “modern” templates come from the 2021 NeuroImage paper by O’Reilly et al. and use the same templates, just processed differently. Given a surrogate created using the old template, this function will create an equivalent one for the new template. It operates in-place by first backing up (renaming) the MRI directory for the subject, copying the -trans.fif file to that directory, and then creating the new surrogate and overwriting the old trans file.