API Reference

This is the classes and functions reference of mnefun.

Experiment analysis


Params([tmin, tmax, t_adjust, bmin, bmax, ...])

Make a parameter structure for use with do_processing.


convert_ANTS_surrogate(subject, trans, ...)

Convert an old ANTS surrogate to a modern one.

do_processing(p[, fetch_raw, do_score, ...])

Do M/EEG data processing.

extract_expyfun_events(fname[, return_offsets])

Extract expyfun-style serial-coded events from file


Get an atlas mapping.

get_atlas_roi_mask(stc, roi[, atlas, ...])

Get ROI mask for a given subject/atlas.

get_fsaverage_medial_vertices([concatenate, ...])

Return fsaverage medial wall vertex numbers.

get_raw_fnames(p, subj[, which, erm, ...])

Get raw filenames.

make_dipole_projectors(info, pos, ori, bem, ...)

Make dipole projectors.


Create Params from a YAML file.

repeat_coreg(subject[, subjects_dir, ...])

Repeat a mne coreg warping of an MRI.

run_sss_command(fname_in, options, fname_out)

Run Maxfilter remotely and fetch resulting file.

run_sss_positions(fname_in, fname_out[, ...])

Run Maxfilter remotely and fetch resulting file

safe_inserter(string, inserter)

Insert a subject name into a string if %s is present.

Statistics helpers

anova_time(X[, transform, signed_p, gg])

A mass-univariate two-way ANOVA (with time as a co-variate)