Version checking functionsΒΆ

This demonstrates how the version checking functions work.

# Author: Eric Larson <>
# License: BSD (3-clause)

import tempfile

from expyfun import download_version, run_subprocess


# Let's say we want to fix our experiment to use a specific version of
# expyfun. First we'd want to install that version (referenced by the
# commit number) to the proper directory. Here we'll use a temporary
# directory so we don't break any other code examples, but usually you'd
# want to do it in the experiment directory:
temp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
download_version('c18133c', temp_dir)

# Now we would normally need to restart Python so the next ``import expyfun``
# call imported the proper version. We'd want to add an ``assert_version``
# call to the top of our script We can simulate that here just by
# launching a new Python instance in the ``temp_dir`` and using our assertion
# function:

cmd = """
from expyfun import assert_version

    run_subprocess(['python', '-c', cmd], cwd=temp_dir)
except Exception as exp:
    print('Failure: {0}'.format(exp))

# Try modifying the commit number to something invalid, and you should
# see a failure.

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