expyfun.stimuli.crm_prepare_corpus(fs, path_out=None, overwrite=False, dtype=<class 'numpy.float64'>, n_jobs=None, verbose=True, talker_list=None)[source]

Prepare the CRM corpus for a given sampling rate and convert to wav


The sampling rate of the prepared corpus.


The path to write the prepared CRM corpus. In most cases this will be the expyfun data directory (default), but it allows for other options.


Whether or not to overwrite the files that may already exist in path_out.


The data type for saving the data. np.float64 is the default for maintaining fidelity. np.int16 is standard for wav files.

n_jobsint | 'cuda' | None

Number of cores to use. The fastest option, if enabled, is 'cuda'. If None it will use all available cores except for one.


Whether or not to output status as stimuli are prepared.

talker_listlist of dict

A list of dicts to define which talkers should be prepared. Each dict should have keys sex and talker_num. Default is to prepare all eight talkers (four female, four male), and it is strongly recommended to that you do so to avoid headaches. This option is mainly for expedient unit tests.

Examples using expyfun.stimuli.crm_prepare_corpus

Use the CRM corpus

Use the CRM corpus